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5  Einsatz in der Schule
Eine Klasse beschäftigt sich im Mathematikunterricht mit einem
wissenschaftlichen Artikel über die imaginäre Zahl i. Dabei treten
einige Fragen auf. Was liegt näher, als den Autor um Rat zu fragen?
Die Klasse schickt folgende E-Mail an Prof. Strang:
Dear Prof. Strang
We are a class at the Swiss "Kantonsschule" (~17 years old). At
the moment we are reading your article "A chaotic Search for i"
from the College Mathematics Journal. We would like to know
more about it. We have a few questions:
How did you come up with this idea?
Why did you choose this topic of Newton iteration, if you
normally do advanced research?
Have you worked more on the structure of the cycles for any
length k?
Could you recommend another article or a book on this topic?
Thank you very much for your time, and we await your reply. 
The class 1aR
Und tatsächlich kommt auch bald eine Antwort:
I was very pleased to receive the message from class 1aR in
Baden. The idea of looking at Newton's method for x^2 + 1 = 0
was "in the air". Other authors have been close to this too. My
recommendation is a book by R. Devaney "A First Course in
Chaotic Dynamical Systems" Addison-Wesley Reading MA (and
also in Europe).
The cycle structure is probably understood but I didn't develop it
myself. Devaney is in the math dept. Boston 02215
His work is terrific.
Very best regards, Gilbert Strang.
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Robert Devaney
In gewissen Fällen ist nicht im vorhinein klar, wer denn nun die passende
Ansprechperson sein könnte. Für solche Anfragen eignet sich natürlich
der News-Dienst.
Beispiel 5-11
Dear Prof. Strang