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5.2  Selbständige Projekte der Schülerinnen und Schüler
Das folgende Beispiel zeigt eine Anfrage über News. Eine Schülerin
und ein Schüler beschäftigen sich mit einer eher ungewöhnlichen
Frage. Nachdem der Physiklehrer auch nicht weiterhelfen kann,
beschließen die beiden, ihr Problem den Leserinnen und Lesern
einer News-Gruppe zu unterbreiten. Die Anfrage wird ganz gezielt
in nur eine News-Gruppe geschickt. Dadurch wird die Belastung
von anderen News-Leserinnen und -lesern gering gehalten,
trotzdem kommen einige Antworten zurück. Eine davon ist
Newsgroups: sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamics
Subject: Spilling of softdrink cans
We are two 19 year old students at the Kantonsschule Baden in
Switzerland and plan a science project concerning the 'not spilling
of shaken soft drink aluminum cans'. As we all know, soft drink
cans spill if you open them as normal right after shaking. Now, to
avoid the spilling of such a can I remember a trick I learned in the
US: We shake a soft drink aluminum can (12 oz., mostly Coca
Cola) for about a minute. Then we put it on a table, holding it with
one hand and tap on the top of the can with the forefinger of the
other hand. We do that only once but with quite some force and
exactly on the prefixed opening spot. Immediately after knocking
on the can, we open the can with the same hand exactly the way
everybody does…and await the result.  By doing this, about 40%
of the cans we tested didn't spill at all, another 40% spilled a lot
less than cans we didn't knock on as well as the last 20%. This
result of our experimental research leads us to a lot of questions:
What is the phenomena behind the not spilling of 'tapped'
Why does it not always work?
Is there any clear physical theory that states this phenomena?
Furthermore we would like to know if you think it would be
possible to program a computer simulation of this
phenomena; stating the facts and animate the experiment?
For any information and hints we thank you already in advance!
Stefanie Rosa, Stefan Haas
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Schäumen von Alubüchsen