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5.3  In der Stunde
der Simulation der Schlacht von Agincourt. Sämtliche Beteiligten können
im Rahmen dieser Simulation dauernd miteinander kommunizieren.
Address: MOO.DU.ORG ( 8888
Diversity University MOO campuses are Internet locations for
serious experimentation in network-based, interactive teaching,
learning and social services. Those wishing to further this
community development are welcome! To preserve this
atmosphere the administration reserves the right to do
unannounced monitoring as required. Information gathered will
be treated in strict accordance with the Privacy Act.
Free MOO Basics lessons: contact CindyT or MattWright online, or
to see who is online
co guest
to have a look around
to exit Diversity University
An dieser Stelle melden wir uns bei der Simulation nicht wie vor-
geschlagen als Gast an (
co guest
, co: connect), sondern als
Bauer. Damit werden wir automatisch in das ›Kontrollzentrum‹ der
Simulation der Schlacht von Agincourt geführt.
co peasant
=== Connecting you as Filthy_Peasant ===
*** Connected ***
Agincourt Control Room
The following simulation of the battle of Agincourt is fairly easy to
navigate. There are several areas that you can go through that
represent the path of the English army as they marched through
France in 1415. 
You may also stray from the given path by typing in the direction
you would like to travel. The available directions are displayed
below the description of the area you are in. The information for
this simulation has been compiled from several sources
including books and experts in the field.
Before you start the simulation, read ALL the help. You will need it.
===== type "help here" for help =====
Beispiel 5-14
Simulation der Schlacht
von Agincourt