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5.3  In der Stunde
small enough to be rowed out of the harbor. Thousands of
soldiers and horses crowd the busy docks.
You see:
Henry V (King of England), Thomas Beaufort (Earl of Dorset),
Edward of York (Duke of York), Thomas Camoys (Lord of
Camoys), Sir Thomas Erpingham (Steward of the King's
Household), Sir John Grendon, Thomas Morestede (King's
Physician), An English Archer
Others in the room:
Thomas Beaufort points at a dock worker.
Thomas Beaufort says, "You there, take that crate aboard the
Trinity!" The dock worker salutes and begins to haul the crate
toward the largest ship in port, the Trinity Royale.
Loading of the ships continues for several days.
Im Verlaufe der Simulation können sich Teilnehmer und Teil-
nehmerinnen nun individuell weiter umschauen und erhalten je-
weils auch aktuelle Tips von den Personen in ihrer Umgebung.
Betrachten wir beispielsweise Henry V etwas genauer:
look henry
Henry V is an experienced war veteran. Before his father's death
in 1413, he had fought several skirmishes and an open, formal
battle. His preparations for the current campaign were massive
and meticulous to ensure that his men were properly equiped. He
surrounds himself with experienced, trusted soldiers, and an
important aspect of his success as a leader comes from his
ability to win respect from his men, and even from the enemy. He
is respectful of the sanctity of Church property and of his duty to
his subjects. He demands strict discipline from his troops, and
enforced strict behaviour rules on them during the campaign. He
is also a cold and heartless warrior.
A sailor tells you, "If you [ask Beaufort about the fleet], he will give
you some interesting information."
ask Beaufort about the fleet
Thomas Beaufort says: Well, as you can see, we have several
hundred ships being prepared for our attack on France. We need