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5.4  Vorbereitete Lernsequenzen
Schülerinnen und Schüler Hypothesen stellen und diese durch statistische
Analysen überprüfen lassen.
Das Fliegenlabor steht öffentlich auf dem Internet zur Verfügung.
Zusätzlich erhalten Lehrerinnen und Lehrer, die sich per E-Mail bei den
Betreibern melden, weitere Informationen und Vorschläge für Experimente
für den Unterricht direkt zugesandt. Diese Informationen sind nicht über
W3 zugänglich, damit die Schülerinnen und Schüler nicht zu einfach an die
Lösungen kommen.
Ein Erdbeben- und ein Ökologielabor sind angekündigt.
Übernommen und gekürzt von:
What is Virtual FlyLab?
Imagine yourself as a scientist trying to discover the rules of
genetic inheritance. Your research model is a species of
common insect called a fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster).
Through careful observation and collecting, you have created a
large number of different genetic stocks; each stock represents a
population of true-breeding flies with a visible genetic mutation.
You cross flies with different mutations and catalog the
proportions of the different types of offspring you observe. Certain
rules seem to apply. If you can work out these rules you will have
solved one of nature's great secrets--these rules apply to most
sexually reproducing organisms from humans to flowering plants.
Virtual FlyLab allows you play the role of a research geneticist. It is
an educational application for learning the principles of genetic
inheritance. You design matings between female and male fruit
flies carrying one or a few genetic mutations. After selecting the
mutations for the two parent flies and clicking the "Mate" button,
you will be returned a document containing the images of the
parent and offspring flies. Virtual FlyLab will apply the correct rules
of genetic inheritance to these mutations to obtain the offspring. It
is your job to determine these rules based on the "experimental"
Virtual FlyLab has been used successfully for genetics instruction
at several colleges and universities around the world. At Cal State
LA, we use FlyLab as a supplement to several wet lab
experiments using real fruit flies. In one exercise, we randomly
assign each student two different mutations and ask them to
design and analyze the data from experiments which reveal
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