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5  Einsatz in der Schule
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This section of the program describes the first skin incisions
made through the frog's ventral surface (belly).
Begin the First Skin Incision
Once the legs of the frog are securely pinned to the dissection tray
you can start your first incision: Use the forceps to to lift the skin
midway between the rear legs of the frog and, using the scalpel,
make a small cut through the lifted skin. This cut should be made
in the along the center, or midline, of the frog, bisecting it equally.
Continue Skin Incision
Now, using the scissors, continue the incision up the midline all
of the way to the frog's neck. Be very careful not to cut too deeply.
Finish the First Skin Incision
When your scissors reach the frog's neck, you have cut far
Cut Above Front Legs
Using either the scissors or the scalpel, make horizontal
incisions through the skin between the front legs.
Cut Above Rear Legs
Still using either the scissors or the scalpel, make horizontal
incisions through the skin just above the rear legs.
Separate Skin & Muscle
Once you have finished the incisions between the front and rear
legs of the frog you need to separate the skin flaps from the
muscle below. To do this: Pick up the flap of skin with the forceps,
and use a scalpel to help separate the skin from the muscle
Pin Skin Flaps
Once the skin flaps have been cut back to the point pictured
above, all you need to do is pin them to the dissection tray.
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