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2.2  Anwendungsdienste
Internet-Lehrer Gerald E. Boyd gibt nun als Antwort Hinweise auf
interessante Angebote auf dem Internet.
To: Libby McGroom
From: Gerald E. Boyd <>
Subject: Re: Training 7th Graders
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 13:55:08
On Wed, 26 Jun 1996 13:19:46 -0600 Libby McGroom wrote:
>Hello.  I am an Internet trainer at the University of Tennessee,
>Memphis. We train faculty, staff and students how to use the
>Internet in a 3 hour course.  This summer, I am teaching
>advanced 7th graders how to surf the Internet.  This course will
>last 15 hours.  Does anyone know of any sites we should
>or any sites that deal with teaching teenagers to use the
One of the first sites you should visit is Yahooligans, the
children's site setup by the inventors of the Yahoo search page. 
Check out This site contains just
wonderful children's links.
Another site is allows children to play games by e-mail. See -- send help in subject line and body of
You also might get them interested in pen-pals. PEN-PAL CLUB –
send  subscribe to: PENPAL-CLUB@MAIL-LIST.COM
How about a daily word vocabulary builder?  See Super Daily
Vocabulary Builder – a new vocabulary word by e-mail each
business day.  You can choose from three different categories:
General, Business or Computer.  Service is free.
To join, send your name, e-mail address and desired category to:
Gerry Boyd --
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Libby McGroom
2.2.2  News – News-Gruppen
An einem herkömmlichen Anschlagbrett können alle Passantinnen und
Passanten die dort angeschlagenen Zettel studieren, neue Zettel aufhän-
gen oder bestehende Zettel ergänzen. Alle Beteiligten schauen dann auf