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Multiple Service Integration Confronted with Legacy Systems
Louis Perrochon. Institute for Information Systems, ETH Zürich

First International Conference on the World- Wide Web (WWW'94). Workshop "Offering the same information via multiple services", Geneva, May 1994

Keywords: Multiple service integration, legacy systems, World Wide Web (W3,WWW), interactive session, textual interface, translation server

Language: English


Like the data migration research community, the field of a multiple service integration is confronted with legacy systems. Despite of the new interfaces providing uniform access to variety of information (e.g. WWW, Gopher), plenty of information is still accessed using interactive services with textual interfaces. The lucky case are interfaces based on DEC's VT100 or IBM's 3270 standards. To allow access to interactive services, the straight forward solution was the introduction of special URI-Schemes (telnet, rlogin and tn3270). Nevertheless is the user forced to fight a new interface almost every time he hits an interactive session. We introduce a translation server to allow easier access to interactive sessions.

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