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A Reference Architecture for Multi-Author World-Wide Web Servers
Louis Perrochon. Institute for Information Systems, ETH Zürich. May 1995.

Proceedings of the Conferece on Organizational Computing (COOCS'95), Milpitas, CA, August 1995.

Keywords: Reference Architecture, Organizational Computing, Information Systems, Lean Producti on of Information, Data Quality, World-Wide Web (W3,WWW)

INSPEC: Client-Server Systems; Information Networks; Network Servers; Office Automation; Public Information Systems
Multi-Author World-Wide Web Servers; Distributed Information Structures; Publicly Accessible Information Structures; Distributed Author Coordination; Scaleable Reference Architecture; Lean Information Production; Data Quality
C7210 (Information services and centres); C6150N (Distributed systems software); C7104 (Office automation)

Language: English.

Abstract: Designing publicly accessible and distributed information structures and coordinating distributed authors is a major challenge for most organizations. This paper presents a scaleable reference architecture for multi-author World-Wide Web (W3) servers, one important type of a distributed and publicly accessible information system. We introduce the paradigm of "lean production of information" and discuss some problems of data quality regarding W3-servers. Experiences made with a departmental W3- server designed and maintained according to the principles presented are appended as a case study.

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