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School Goes Internet
A Quick Tutorial on Searching and Evaluating Internet Resources

Louis Perrochon. Department of Computer Science, ETH Zürich.

IEEE Communications Magazine. Vol. 35, No. 6, June 1997. pp 142-145

Keywords: Internet training, Information Retrieval, Evaluation of Resources.

Language: English.


Do you know the difference between Yahoo and Alta Vista? Do all your friends and students know? If no, this tutorial is for you. It explains some basic concepts understanding of which makes life on the Internet much easier. Now, that the In ternet is moving to the general knowledge of everybody and is taught in schools, we need to find some general, underlying ideas of how to deal with it. Wiring s chools as it is happening now throughout the US and other countries is not enoug h. Teachers and students must be trained. This tutorial covers two small but imp ortant aspects of that training. A first part considers searching on the Interne t, a second part deals with quality and authority of information found on the In ternet. It is a common mistake, that high technology guarantees high quality. Ju st because something is on the Web, it does not necessary has to be true.

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