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Integrated Scientific Computing in Global Networks

Louis Perrochon, Rudolf Müller Information Systems, Humboldt-University, Berlin

Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference On System Sciences, January 6-9, 1997, Kona, Hawaii.

Keywords: Network computing, Internet computing, integration science, component engineering, legacy system integration, wrappers, CORBA

Language: English.


In network computing, methods (scripts, programs, models, macros, etc.) are executed at remote sites in a transparent way. Distributed Method Management Systems (DMMSs) for network computing allow easy dissemination of new methods over global networks by supporting the publishing of new methods as well as finding and executing existing methods. For consumers, DMMSs replace awkward telnet sessions or debugging cycles for down-loaded public domain software with click'n'go access to methods running in a suitable execution environment. For providers, DMMSs simplify the process of putting methods on the Web to a minimum. In scientific computing, methods are typically scripts for scientific computing packages like Mathematica or Matlab, compiled programs, or stand-alone Internet servers providing computational services. Methods can be applied to data sets available within the DMMS or anywhere on the Internet.

The paper presents CoMMM, an object-oriented application framework and runtime environment for DMMSs. CoMMM wraps methods into CORBA objects and provides CORBA Common Facilities for publishing, finding and executing methods.

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