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Real Time Event Based Analysis of Complex Systems

Louis Perrochon Computer Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305,

INFORMATIK 6/98, pp 31-36.

Keywords: Testing, analysis, verification, event processing, event correlation, agents.

Language: English.


Complex Event Processing (CEP) is an upcoming technology to test, analyze verify, monitor or just study complex programs or systems. CEP is particularly well suited for complexity arising from asynchronous, non-deterministic execution in distributed systems. Application domains include: software engineering, manufacturing, network management, etc. We present the architecture of a scalable distributed event processing engine with high throughput and low latency for CEP. The engine consists of a network of event processing agents (EPAs) running in parallel that interact using a dedicated event processing infrastructure. The infrastructure (1) provides an abstract communication mechanism and thus allows dynamic reconfiguration of the communication topology between agents at run-time and (2) provides transparent, location-independent access to all data. These features allow dynamic allocation of EPAs to different threads and processes on different machines at run time.

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