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Managing Event Processing Networks
Louis Perrochon, Stephane Kasriel, David C. Luckham. Computer Systems Laboratory, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305,

Stanford University Computer Systems Lab Technical Report CSL-TR-99-788

Keywords: Complex Event Processing (CEP), Event Processing Networks (EPN).

Language: English.


This technical report presents Complex Event Processing. CEP is a fundamental new technology that will enable the next generation of middleware based distributed applications. CEP gains information on distributed systems and uses this knowledge for monitoring, failure analysis or prediction of activities.

A very promising route in CEP research is that of Event Processing Networks, which is one of the main areas of research of the Program and Analysyis Group at Stanford University. Event Processing Networks are one way of describing and building CEP, by successively filtering meaningful information and aggregating the corresponding events into higher levels of abstraction.

This reports describes in detail the foundations and aims of Complex Event Processing. Then we will introduce the concept of Event Processing Networks and describe their use in the context of Complex Event Processing. Finally, we will describe the architecture of the CEP system.

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