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Integrated Management of Distributed Methods and Information
Louis Perrochon. National Research Center on the Quantification and Simulation of Economic Processes Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

Language: English.


The Web made publishing and accessing documents easy and as a result, many recent scientific publications are available on the Web. However, the Web does not support publications of methods (scripts, programs, models, macros, remote services etc.) well except as static files or using CGI. This talk centers around the CoMMM architecture and object-oriented application framework for a distributed management system and runtime environment for mathematical methods and data. CoMMM allows easy dissemination of new methods over the Internet by supporting the publishing of new methods and search and retrieval of existing methods. Methods can be scripts for scientific computing packages like Mathematica or Matlab, compiled programs or stand-alone Internet servers providing computational services. Methods can be applied to data available within CoMMM or anywhere on the Internet. CoMMM servers allow people to access resources they don't have locally. Engineers, scientists and students can use remote services from within the software they are using on their workstation.

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Louis Perrochon, August 1, 1999

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