LARPing on the Inca Trail

One of the board games we love to play is called Massive Darkness. It’s a fun dungeon crawler that we play on 3D terrain pieces. A game could look like below: Sibyl and friends (in brown) are hiding in the dark so the horde of dwarves heads the other way.

Massive Darkness

Playing Massive Darkness on Dwarven Forge Dungeon Terrain.

In terms of setup, this is pretty basic. For one, it’s not painted. And it’s just dungeons. Similar terrain is available for caverns, castles, and whole medieval cities. What’s important is that the dungeons don’t have roofs, because you need to move the miniatures. All you need are stone walls, fountains, steps, …

Can you guess what went through my mind when I saw Llactapata?


Llactapata, Peru

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to descent into Llactapata, but found plenty more cities over the next few days. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Inca Cities are Awesome Inca Cities are Awesome Inca Cities are Awesome Inca Cities are Awesome Inca Cities are Awesome Inca Cities are Awesome  Inca Cities are Awesome Inca Cities are Awesome

Of course, you need brave warriors to populate these areas. The paint scheme of our miniatures is optimized for new players, with bright colors so players can keep their minis apart. Below you can see Elias preparing the Lightbringers for the descent into the City of Eternal Live (not making that up – Wiñawayna means forever young in Quechua).

The Fellowship of the Trail preparing to enter the City of Eternal Life

The Lightbringers under the leadership of Elias prepare to descent into Wiñawayna,  City of Eternal Life

Without further ado, Sibil, a nightshade ranger (blue), Whisper, a bloodmoon nightrunner (yellow), Bjorn, a shadow barbarian (orange), Moira, a sorceress (purple), and Sigfried, a pit fighter beserker (red) headed into the maze. Elias, our Battle Wizard led from behind.

Inca Cities are Awesome

Descent into Wiñawayna down the fountain stairs. Sibyl is far ahead. Far in the back, we’ll see a minor roaming monster.

The Fellowship of the Trail

Sibyl and Whisper carry the (white) Lifebringer through Wiñawayna

Bjorn went to slay the minor roaming monster on his own.

Unfortuntately, Bjorn’s exploration spawned an Overseer who activated Siegfried. Siegfried wasted no time taking out Sibyl and Whisper in a glorious battle.

Important: Before you call your travel agent: LARPing on the Inca Trail is not that much fun. You’ll play  “Return to the Shire” and walk for days on end through amazing landscape. The trail and the ruins are awesome impressive temples, cities, and artifacts of an ancient civilization and not playgrounds. Do not shoot fireballs, shout, run, or climb any of the walls. Because Machu Picchu is sinking and archaeologists worry about the impact of thousands of tourists you are not even allowed to jump. We didn’t do any of these forbidden things, well, except for the jumping, but that was way before we reached Machu Picchu – and why we learned about the rules.

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