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Half Traverse of the Breithorn, Switzerland

Breithorn North Face

Breithorn is the Alps' most easily climbed 4000m meter peak - if you go up the easy way. We walked around the peak first and then did the half traverse, which is a wonderful climb over ice and rock - and then the easy way down.

The cable car to Kleines Matterhorn, the start of our tour. Breithorn is on the left.



The first few meters follow the skilift.


The Breithorn. The easy way goes up the glacier, we went around on the right and up towards the right side of the picture. You reach the crest at col 4022m (the lowest point a little left of the middle in the picture at the top)

Behind me the Mountains of Italy. At this point, I am in Italy, too.

Slowly ascending the glacier in Italy.



View back. The first few meters we climbed in crampons because of this little snowfield that we had to cross. You can see our footsteps in the snow.

The place where we took our crampons off (left). Below us is another team doing the same.

On the right, the other team goes ahead up on one of the three steps from the col to the top of the middle summit.

View back (left) and forward (right)
View back (left) and forward (right). Note the climbers on the bottom. You pass on the left of the big rock in the foreground. The drop on the right is a few hundred meters (see picture on top), on the left, it's just pretty steep all the way to Italy...
On the middle or rock summit (4158m). And going on to the west or snow summit (4165m). In the clouds behind the peak is the Matterhorn.
View back (left) and forward (right)
On the snow peak, and on the way down
Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great. One thing to look out for in these images is the rapid changes from cloudy with snow fall to sunny, and at the end, a white-out on a flat featureless glacier.
View back to the Breithorn.

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