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High Sierra Trail, CA

The West Side:
From Crescent Meadow to Kaweah Gap

The pass in the middle is Kaweah Gap.
The High Sierra Trail goes through it..


The tunnel

Precipation Lake


Hamilton Lake

Eagle Scout Peak. This is the first peak we climed on this trip.

The Backcountry:
From Kawea Gap to Mt Whitney

View from Kaweah Gap:


The valley in the right half
of the panorama left and
behind me above is the
same. The trail follows
its left (northern) rim
towards Moraine Lake.
The mountains are the Kaweahs. The highest peak, Mount Kaweah is the second peak we climed on this trip.

The same plateau
from Mount Kaweah.
The lake on the right
is Moraine Lake


Panorama from Mt Kaweah

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  Moraine Lake
Kern River Canyon

The hot tub

Guitar Lake

The East Side:
From Whitney To Whitney Portal

  The view back from the top of Mt Whitney (the third peak we climed on this trip). You see guitar lake, The Kern Canyon and Mount Kawea. The latter is actually being snowed upon!

A few more miles down to civilization.
And a huge breakfast.

The Whitney section has more on climbing Mount Whitney.

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