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Mount Brewer, Kings Canyon National Park, CA, USA
After leaving the valley ground, the Sphynx Creek trail climbs up the steep slopes in amazing switch backs. This one is among the most beautiful trails I have seen in the world.
To get to Mt. Brewer, one eventually leaves the trail and go cross country.
We camped at Upper Sphynx Lake. The alpen glow was phantastic! As usual, we did not bring tents, and were just sleeping under the stars.

From Sphynx Lake one has to hike a little further to finally see Mount Brewer. The snow fields on the left of the mountain indicate the way we took to to the top.

Getting to the snow fields

This is one of the snow fields, about two thirds up.  
Arturo and myself at the top

One of the great Sierra Nevada views.


The cliff on the other side.

The way down.



For information about the trip, make sure you check out Arturo's Trip Report.


  Last view of the beauty of the Sierra Nevada.

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