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Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, WA, USA


On the top.
    Above the boulders, walking on ash. But we are close to the peak. Most people gave up steady walking a while ago. They do "5 steps and then rest", with variations down to 1 step.  
  This is the 'trail'. Just follow the white poles. Believe me, it is steeper than it looks on this picture.  
Mt St Helens. The little red thin on my ear is the visitor pass that has to be carried visibly at all times. Note that part of the crater rim is missing. That is where the whole mess came out in 1980.     We had to go down of course. As can be seen in the pictures, the boulders were quite big. Glad we had our walking sticks.

The Crater

The pile in the middle is the new mountain building in the crater. Around it is dirt covered snow.

Multnoma Falls in Oregon. They actually come down from Mt. Hood. There are no waterfalls left in the vincinity of Mt St Helens...      

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