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Yosemite National Park, CA

Nevada Falls


Nevada Falls in spring (i.e. July).



Nevada Falls from the Panorama Trail.

Nevada Falls from the Mist trail. Mist is definitely an understatement in spring, we were completely soaked.
  Nevada Falls from Panorama Cliff. In the background is Cloud's Rest.

Tioga Pass

North of Tioga Pass beautiful lakes can be found...

The South Rim


Half Dome


Note the little marmot on the right side...

Here is our cutie.
It was a hard hike. She actually fell asleep within seconds. And still two hours to go...  
...and a ghost town, 10,000 feet above sea level, 6 months covered with snow.



Despite an exquisite selection of engineers including a bunch of PhDs our group had serious trouble putting up some of the tents.

Nevertheless the evening was fun. The first highlight was the chili-bomb that some enemy agent planted into our campfire. Gladly there were no casualties, just chili splattered all over our equipment. Glad I did not bring my tent and my stuff was not left outside.
The second highlight was the bear. The black box on the left is a bear locker, so the bear was OK size. Luckily, the box was closed, but someone left food outside on the other camp site, despite all the warnings. Sorry bear, you are not to blame.

After we chased the bear away, we recovered some of stuff he got. That is how the 'After Eights' looked.

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