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Beijing, China

The Forbidden City

Must-do-shot number 1. In front of Tiananmen.

The nine dragon relief.

Lions are everywhere.

Details of Chinese architecture.

A pavillion in the Forbidden City.

This little guy, trapped by deamons can be found on many roofs in China.




Tiantan was temporarily closed for a couple of VIPs that deserved unobstructed views.

Zwia in one of the round doors.

The double pavillion on Tiantan.


The Summer Palace

Summer Palace. However it was winter and the water was partly frozen.  

A dragon in the Summer Palace.

Sunset in the Summer Palace.

A fortress Chinese style.

The great Wall


Zwia enjoying the sun in a wind protected spot on the Great Wall.
Must-do-shot number 2. On the Great Wall (near Badaling).
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