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Eating in China

The Beginning of the Food Chain

Fisherman on the Yangtze River
These free range chicken in Tientsin's winter will hopefully never see a market.



Skinning snakes in Nanjing. The snake's head is stuck to a nail in the board and the skin comes off easily.  
On Shanghai's street markets, birds are sold in all varieties...
...and states.
One wonders how the quayles feel with their dead buddies above them.  
  Turtles and toads enrich the menu.
This market had some three rows of meat and vegetables, and also two rows of all kind of fish, amphibians and reptiles.  

Street Vendors

There is food availabe everywhere in China, from the streets of Beijing...


.. to the tourist spots. This one is close to the Badaling Great Wall.
These fine eggs are offered in the vicinity of the Ming Tombs.
BBQ on a cold winter day in Tientsin
Pineaple vendors in Shanghai. Note the neat way they prepare the fruits.

Food Stalls


Breakfast! The boxes contain dumplings, one layer is one breakfast.



This couples cooks for tourists in Souzhou.

Cooking happens outdoors as much as possible.
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