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Jiangsu / Anhui, China

Huangshan - The Yellow Mountains

The Monkey gazing at the sea. Unfortunately the monkey was submerged in the sea of clouds while we were there.  
  On the other hand, the fog lead to a great athmosphere. It sure looked like Mordor.
The trails are just incredibly steep!
Most of the trails are stairs and they go on and on.



All rocks in the Nanjing city wall are labelled with the producer.

The Nanjing Bridge over the Yangtze River

New buddhas in the making

And the result:

Parks around Nanjing.
As usual, the best thing of Ming Tombs are the stone statues.
Nanjing's nght market at the confucian temple.  

Gardens of Jiangsu


Souzhou Canals
  Garden of the Master of the Nets
Lion's Garden  

Rural Areas

Rice and Tea

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